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There is so much to love in this world. Stepping closer to the intricacies of everyday life unravels stories of each own;

stories to be understood and felt.
Fashion is a long journey. I longed to discover life’s joy and pleasure, the thrill of surprises,

the inevitable disenchantment and all those that my senses perceive,

which I will draw upon for inspiration and to create designs that evoke my interpretations of life.
Driven by curiosity to explore,



I longed to bring my world of imagination into reality

and to share my dream of mesmerizing aesthetics to those who envisaged the same on my creations.
The boundless realms of Australia had led loose of my thriving imaginations,

the place I had lived since a child at 10 and received education in design and commerce.

My life continued when I decided to return to the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong earning my living as a banker.

The last few years of working in a corporate environment made me realise the blurring lines between corporate suits

and smart casual wear in an office environment,

which had partly contributed to my decision to pursue my dream of launching Lagerose in 2014.

I would like to design new collections that take the Lagerose women from day to night.
Each design piece carries its own story illustrating the central theme of each collection.

Emphasis is placed on detail and style to make the Lagerose woman standout from the rest.
Beauty lies within women of all ages.

The Lagerose women are chic, confident and constantly seeking to define their own beauty at different stages of her life.








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